which Round Bed Frame You Should Buy Which Will Elevate Room Decor?

A round bed frame is a premium-looking piece of furniture. But do you know that not a lot of authentic vendors sell those online?

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If you’re in search of a round bed frame, you’ll want to read this post. We’ll tell you everything you need to know about round bed frames, including what materials they’re made from, how much they cost, and where you can buy them. 

These beds are hard to find, especially from an authentic online retailer. Most retailers also offer customization. So whether you’re looking for a new bed frame or just curious about round bed frames, keep reading!

What is the cost of a round bed frame?

Round bed frames can cost from $900+ to five figures. It’s because they mostly come in two sizes: Queen and King. They are also considered luxurious and require a lot more space than other beds. Quality Materials, Design, built-in Features, and others can also increase its cost. 

What is a Round Bed Frame?

Round beds are a type of bed frame that features a circular shape. These beds can add a unique and stylish touch to any bedroom, and they are also very comfortable to sleep in. A lot of companies manufacture around the world. But in my opinion, Italian manufacturers have done great jobs at designing and building great round beds.

What Are the Benefits of a Round Bed?

A round bed can give your bedroom a unique and stylish look. It can make a bedroom feel more intimate and cozy. They can also provide some additional benefits over a traditional rectangular bed. Here are just a few reasons why you may want to consider an around bed for your bedroom:

  • soft curves make round beds more comfortable and inviting than sharp corners.
  • round beds can make small bedrooms look bigger and more open.
  • They can add a touch of luxury to any bedroom.

Things to consider before buying a rounded bed frame

Design: Bed is an essential part of our life. Elegant and premium-looking beds are worth spending money on as they uplift room decor to the next level.

Durability: Frame material decides how long your bed is gonna last. How much weight can it handle?, and How much force it can absorb? Not considering this factor is like eating a cone without ice cream.

Price: Pricing is a tricky subject as it differs from person to person. We will try our best to present affordable premium beds based on their features and specifications.

Warranty Length: It is unfortunate when a defective item is delivered to you or it gets faulty after some time. The exchange/Return option is a must for heavy and expensive items like a bed.

Orren Ellis Lura Round Bed

The round bed frame is designed to be sleek and modern, with no hard edges and wide bedsides. The frame is made of wood and is upholstered in black vinyl. The round shape allows you to maximize the use of space in your bedroom.

Vinyl may look cheap as it is used in furniture as the best alternative to leather to make them more cost-effective. Quality vinyl can last longer if treated carefully and avoided from long sun exposure. More than 100 people have bought this bed on both Wayfair and Amazon. They have rated 4.5+ stars which makes this bed ideal for this list.

This bed also comes with an easy assembly guide and the required tools. Its wooden structure weighs more than 150+ lbs which can carry up to 600 lbs of weight. It comes with 1 year of Warranty.


  • Reviewed 4.5+ Stars.
  • No Box Spring is Required.
  • Plane and Elegant Look.
  • Compatible with Adjustable Base.
  • Center Support leg for Stability.
  • 1 year of Limited Warranty.


  • Upholstered with Vinyl.
  • 2 People Required to Assemble.

Ring Round Bed By Diotti

The suspended bed by diotti.com is a unique piece of handcrafted Italian furniture that provides a wide and comfortable support surface at the sides of the bed. The optional rear panel is available with glass shelves and LED lighting. This bed comes with built-in nightstands. 

They also offer customization of upholstery based on different materials, textures, and colors. You also get a polyurethane mattress with your purchase. An optional roller headboard is available to complete the bed and the level of customization can affect the price.

This bed may take some time to deliver. I have a lot to say about this bed but to wrap it up, if you need an authentic Italian bed at a comparative price. Then this is the place.


  • A wide range of materials, colors, and mattresses to choose from.
  • Made in Italy and has a high level of quality craftsmanship.
  • Made out of Quality and Sturdy material.
  • Easy to assemble and Safe Delivery
  • A mattress option is available
  • 12 Months of Warranty. (Return on buyer expenses)


  • Online Availability
  • Take time to deliver
  • Customization can affect pricing drastically.

Linford Low Profile Storage Bed

This round bed frame is compatible with an adjustable base, allowing you to find the perfect position for sleeping, lounging, or working in bed. The comfortable foam padding and soft velvet upholstery make this round bed both stylish and cozy, while the button-tufted diamond headboard adds a touch of elegance. 

With three storage compartments around the bed, this round bed frame is perfect for keeping extra pillows and blankets close at hand. Beware of putting too much weight on storage boxes, they might get damaged.

Its frame structure made of Solid Wood can carry weight up to 1500 lbs for king size. No Box Spring is required, just mount the mattress with or without an adjustable base. The main thing I couldn’t find is the Warranty period, although Wayfair does have a 30 days return policy. 


  • Reviewed 4.5+ Stars.
  • No Box Spring is Required.
  • Velvety and Premium Look
  • Compatible with Adjustable Base.
  • Center Support leg for Stability.
  • Plenty of Storage


  • Storage Boxes can’t handle too much weight. 
  • 2 People Required to Assemble 
  • No Warranty except 30 days Return Policy.

Globe Round Bed By Diotti

The Globe round bed is a high-quality and stylish Italian bed that can improve the look of your room. Its base panel is divided into two semi-circles for easy pickup and features holes for breathability.

They offer two types of its versions; one with a curved headboard and the other a sommier model without a headboard. Its legs are made of aluminum metal plated with chromium to make it more decorative, corrosion-resistant, and easier to clean.

The mattress is not included, but you can find a suitable mattress on their site. You can customize the bed covering with leather or fabric. For the price, this bed is an ideal choice as it is made by Italian manufacturers with quality and sturdy materials.


  • Simplistic and Elegant Design
  • Made in Italy with Quality and Sturdy material.
  • Easy to assemble and Safe Delivery
  • Budget Friendly.
  • 12 Months of Warranty. (Return on buyer expenses)


  • Does not come with Mattress
  • Take time to Deliver 
  • People are required to lift. 

Kyle Modern Round Bed

Kyle Modern Luxury Round bed contains both discreet elegance and fine craftsmanship. This bed has a round shape with a high wingback headboard that feels luxurious while still being modern. With a perfect blend of functional and fashionable, this bed will add homely and glamor to your bedroom.

This futuristic design also features a player station, Bluetooth speakers, and attached LED lights, which can provide you with extra entertainment and relaxation. It comes in multiple leather color options and you can also customize it if you want!

This bed is perfect for anyone who wants to add a touch of luxury to their bedroom without compromising on style. If you didn’t like it, make sure to cancel the order within 5 days they also have a 15 days return policy, shipping on buyer expenses.

Pros :

  • Elegant and Fine Craftsmanship
  • Functional and Fashionable
  • Can be customized
  • Built-in features


  • Might take time to deliver
  • A Couple of People are Required to lift.
  • Only available in one size; 98 x 89 inches
  • The warranty is a bit complicated; you can check it here

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The Bottom Line 

Round Beds are premium-looking pieces of furniture but they are not frequently sold as other beds. Maybe they occupy a lot of space and lie a little bit on an expensive end. People mostly purchase them because of their premium look to decorating bedrooms.  

These beds were really hard to find as I seriously took vendor authority as a prime factor. In the above article, I have tried to review multiple round beds of US and Italian vendors based on various factors. Hope you liked it. 

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