8 Drawer Dresser To Buy That Offers Storage and Style To Your Room

There are many different types of dressers on the market, but the 8 drawer dresser is one of the most popular as It offers a lot of storage space and can be a great addition to any bedroom.

There are many different brands and styles of 8-drawers dressers, so it is important to do your research before you buy one. This guide will provide you with everything you need to know about 8-drawers dressers, including the different features they offer and the different brands that sell them.

How Much Does an 8-Drawer Dresser Cost?

The cost of an 8 drawer dresser can vary depending on the brand, material, style, and other factors. On average, you can expect to pay between $200 and $700 for a dresser. However, some high-end brands can cost upwards of $1,000.

What To Consider While Purchasing 8 Drawers Dresser?

There are a few things to keep in mind when shopping for an 8 drawer dresser.

  • First, consider the size of the dresser and make sure it will fit in the room and its color and pattern stain should match with the background.
  • Second, think about the style of the dresser and choose one that complements the rest of the furniture in the room.
  • Third, materials selection is crucial, typically they range from engineered woods to solid woods. You can choose based on your usage and budget. Make sure it is resistant and well coated to protect it from rot and bugs.
  • Finally, consider the prices of the dresser and make sure it fits within your budget.

WLIVE 8 Drawer Tall Dresser

The multifunctional storage tower is perfect for organizing any space. The 8 deep drawers provide ample space for storing clothing, toys, or any other items.

The water-resistant wooden top makes it perfect for placing frequently used items within reach. The sturdy steel frame and adjustable feet ensure years of use.

Though customers had different experiences with the product, the majority of them were pleased with it. 

Some found it easy to assemble, some loved the fabric quality, and others liked that it was lightweight and adjustable. The only complaints were about the smell when first unpacked, but most said it went away in a few days.

Rebrilliant Light Gray 8 Drawers Dresser

The Gehl 8-Drawer Storage Chest is a beautifully designed piece of furniture that will look great in any home. It features eight airy drawers for storing clothes, accessories, and other belongings.

The dresser is made from sturdy wood and metal and has rounded corners to protect little ones. It’s easy to assemble and comes with a one-year warranty.

The customers’ response was generally positive, appreciating the design and functionality of the dresser. Some mention that it is smaller than expected, but this can be good if you’re looking for something compact.

Some quotes about lingering smell in the drawers, but this seems to be an isolated issue.

Yitahome 8 Drawer Dresser

This 8-drawer dresser is perfect for organizing your clothes, accessories, and other belongings. It comes with a powerful metal frame and a durable wooden top, making it sturdy and long-lasting.

The 8 removable drawers are easy to pull out and can be folded up when not in use. 

Plus, the 4 adjustable plastic foot pads keep the dresser from scratching your floor. And the innovative crossbar design on the back enhances the product’s stability.

People loved the deep drawers which can hold up a lot.

A few customers complain about the drawer sides (fabric) being too light, because they feel it detracts from the overall light appearance of the dresser.

Overall, the majority of customers who have purchased and used the 8-drawer dresser are happy with their purchase.

Hemnes White 8 Drawer Dresser

The HEMNES chest of drawers is a high-quality, durable piece of furniture that is perfect for storing your clothes and other belongings.

Made from solid pine wood, this chest is a natural material that is known for its elegance and warmth. The wide chest provides plenty of storage space, and the smooth-running drawers with pull-out stops make it easy to access your belongings.

Finally, Most people loved its appearance, but at the same time, some did not like the experience of the assembly process and customer service.

They also have a 180 day return policy if you don’t like it.

Ebern Braymer 8 Drawer Dresser

The 8 Drawer Double Dresser with 8 spacious drawers is sure to provide style and functionality for any bedroom need. 

The English dovetail construction with center metal glides ensures that all your clothes will be well-protected and easy to access. You’ll love the gorgeous finish and the fact that this piece comes fully assembled.

Some people love it because of its style, functionality, and the fact that it comes assembled. Others have given good reviews for the quality of the wood and how well it was packaged

 A few people mention that they wish the drawers were deeper, while a few others were mad at their damaged products.

Rustic Simones 8 Drawer Dresser

The Rustic Simones 8 Drawer Dresser is a stylish and functional piece of furniture for your bedroom. It includes one tall chest, one low chest, and one mirror, providing plenty of storage for your belongings. 

The metal glides on the drawers ensure smooth operation, while the anti-tip anchoring hardware keeps it safe. Pieces were joined with both English and French dovetail joint to make a seamless and smooth texture.

This dresser is easy to assemble and comes prepacked with assembly instructions. In case of the damaged item or you didn’t like it. They have 90 days of the return policy.

Sausalito Wide 8 Drawer Dresser

The Sausalito 8-drawer dresser offers a driftwood-inspired finish with antique sensibilities, relaxed refinement, and global style. It is built with solid wood and has eight roomy drawers for storing your belongings. 

The frame and legs are crafted from solid meranti wood, a medium to rough-textured wood that ranges in color with a slightly interlocked grain pattern. The dresser is finished in your choice of Montauk white, charcoal, or Seadrift finish.

Pottery Barn Furniture is made of high-quality material sourced from direct sources in the most sustainable way. They will plant a tree for each purchase of this item under their initiative of planting 6 million trees by 2023.

The Bottom Line

I have tried to filter 8 drawer dressers reviewed above and presented their different features which may suit your needs. If you’re looking for a durable and stylish piece of furniture, any one of these dressers would be a great choice. 

  • If you’re looking for a dresser with deep drawers, Yitahome and Rebrilliant Dressers would be a good option. 
  • If you’re looking for a dresser that comes fully assembled, the Ebern Braymer Dresser would be a great choice.
  • Finally, If you’re looking for a dresser with a relaxed and refined style, the Sausalito Dresser from Pottery Barn would be a great option. 

No matter which one of the dressers/ chests you shop for, you’re sure to be happy with your purchase.

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